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Nonprofit Radio: Digital Marketing Policies for the Real (Messy) World

Do you have a digital engagement policy? Do you need one? (Wait, what is a digital engagement policy, anyway?)

A strong, thoughtfully crafted digital marketing policy can serve as your guiding star in navigating an increasingly complex digital world. Though they may sound bureaucratic, well-designed policies actually help us organize internally to both live our organizational values and to know what to do when a situation isn’t clear. To explore these questions, Cause Craft’s Misty McLaughlin and Justin Birdsong joined Kacey Crawford, Director of Digital Content Strategy for the Sierra Club, in a conversation with Tony Martignetti on his Nonprofit Radio podcast.

We use the Sierra Club’s recent email-marketing policy initiative as a case study in how to develop digital policies that work — supporting a constituent-engagement strategy; reconciling the needs of internal stakeholders; putting in place guardrails and bumpers; and helping many teams work together in rapid-fire, constantly changing channels. We cover how to structure research and change management to achieve effective digital governance, and how to make yours a living, breathing digital-engagement policy with a long shelf life.

Check out Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio, and listen to our podcast episode here! (Our portion begins at the 30-minute mark.)